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What is the purpose of The Brooking?

For anyone who cares about the architectural history of Britain, the Brooking National Collection is a vital resource. By preserving the physical detail of the UK’s built environment down to the smallest detail, it gives insights into everything from the craft of the artisan to the social layering of British society.

For decades it has been used as a teaching resource by conservation professionals, universities, schools, architects and their students, designers, crafts apprentices and private individuals.

Over the past 500 years or so, events in Britain have ranged from the Civil War to the Industrial Revolution, with seismic social change to match. In subtle ways that can inform anyone from the engineer to the interior designer, The Collection reflects this, and always has something to offer.

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The museum also holds Open Days for interested members of the public.

Home The Collection Conservation Who's Who & How to Help What's New Contact

“From the colourful and the

important to the everyday

and more pedestrian

elements, Brooking is the last word. In the best traditions of serious scholarship, he offers

the original material.”


The Collection includes cross sections of sash boxes that illustrate the variety of construction techniques, and can be used for many study purposes.

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