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Colour and light (above) this top sash, from an 1820’s landing window in a Berkshire country house, has amber acid-etched and Venetian glass bullions. The frame is a conservative design for the period, containing fashionable domestic stained glass.

The mingling of coloured and stained (right) Top: Internal fanlight with coloured glass margins from Gordon Terrace, Redhill, Surrey, circa 1888. This row of small, lower middle class late Victorian houses was built soon after the Khartoum campaign, and celebrates its memorable protagonist in its name. Centre: transom light from a bay window on the first floor of a commercial building adjoining the Sutton Arcade, South London, built circa 1898. Bottom: Gothic style transom light with amber and green coloured glass from conservatory, circa 1862, at a house in Dapdune Crescent, Guildford, Surrey.

This decorative leaded light landing window (right) is set in a steel casement, using textured glass whose effect comes from catching the light at different angles. From a middle class 1929 house in Sandy Lane, South Cheam, Surrey, by the distinguished builder Andrew Burton. The design was one of his most characteristic.

Much more than just glass

In The Collection glass appears in numerous instructive guises – painted, enamelled, acid-etched, cut, coloured, stained, patterned, Cathedral, Norman slab, leaded-light, Copperlite, Aesthetic Movement, Art Nouveau, Art Deco ... the list goes on. These are only a few examples.                                                                        

Elaborate transom light (above) from a ground floor casement window of a middle class house in Balham, South London, circa 1900. It uses subtle hints of carefully gradated coloured glass to achieve its overall effect.

Detail of fanlight (above) from 2 Pit Farm Road, Guildford, built circa 1889-90. This large middle class villa was demolished in 1972. Note use of textured glass, including a frosted Muranese section inspired by Venetian origin.

Arched light (above right) from a front door in Richmond Terrace, Whitehall, London, circa 1845. The fine quality cut glass border and acid-etched central panel are notable. The frame is of soldered copper sections. Acquired 1980.

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Painted glass landing window (right) with strong William Morris influence, from a large middle class villa built in 1880 in Epsom Road, Guildford, Surrey. A fine example of domestic painted glass of the later Victorian period, acquired in 1977.